poniedziałek, 8 czerwca 2015

Dlaczego wzielam roczny urlop od wszelakich praktyk duchowych?

Gdzies tam intuicyjne, w glebi siebie czulam ze w tym roku potrzebuje urlopu od wszelakich praktyk duchowych i religijnych - przez wiele lat bylam niezwykle zaangazowana w zycie mojej episkopalnej parafii.....Ten artykul daje glebszy wglad w zjawisko tzw. spiritual bypyssing:

SPIRITUAL BYPASSING Spiritual practice involves freeing consciousness from its entanglement in form, matter, emotions, personality, and social conditioning. In a society like ours, where the whole earthly foundation is weak to begin with, it is tempting to use spirituality as a way of trying to rise above this shaky ground. In this way, spirituality becomes just another way of rejecting one's experience. When people use spiritual practice to try to compensate for low self-esteem, social alienation, or emotional problems, they corrupt the true nature of spiritual practice. Instead of loosening the manipulative ego that tries to control its experience, they are further strengthening it. Spiritual bypassing is a strong temptation in times like ours when achieving what were once ordinary developmental landmarks—earning a livelihood through dignified, meaningful work, raising a family, sustaining a long-term intimate relationship, belonging to a larger social community — has become increasingly difficult and elusive. Yet when people use spirituality to cover up their difficulties with functioning in the modern world, their spiritual practice remains in a separate compartment, unintegrated with the rest of their life. 


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