niedziela, 7 czerwca 2015

I am loving these today......

Does Creativity Have to Come from Suffering?

Suffering may bring any of us there, for sure, but so too might a sense of inner sufficiency, or inner abundance. If we didn’t feel so hollow within, we wouldn’t be so lost in the grasping and craving and mindless consumerism and aimless competition conventional society might invite us to. We can step away from the dictates of the ordinary and see reality in a fresh way.

I think what we actually want (and rely on) from those in creative roles is courage, not their misery. The courage to break through boundaries, to see things differently, the daring to not conform.

Tango songs for running

I find tango music to be both motivational and relaxing. For a marathoner, that’s a very good combo. Keep in mind that, for me, tango is a rather flexible concept. I can, and actually I did, dance tango on tunes that didn’t seem fit for it.

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